Pinjarra Primary School News

Pinjarra Primary School was fortunate enough to be able to start a Healthy Breakfast Club. We began by offering breakfast on Tuesdays and Fridays but have moved to a third timeslot of a Thursday since Term Two.

Each child wishing to participate must have a form completed by their parent to ensure the safety of the child from food allergies.

Children are welcome from 7:45 am and are offered fresh fruit, Milo, toast and on Tuesdays we serve poached eggs on toast which is always our most popular day.

Staff no longer have to share their morning tea and lunches and on the non-breakfast days a sandwich can be made from the available food. The breakfasts are open to our whole student population and we know that children are able to function better when they have had a meal to provide the energy for their day.

We have noticed our greatest benefit for children to be their improved socialization. Children who otherwise might have difficulty mixing and socializing, willingly arrive at breakfast, sit and eat toast and talk to others for up to an hour. This then gives the students a greater friendship base and the confidence to approach others.

Our volunteers are invaluable – without them we could not run the program. We are pleased to have the opportunity to have this program in our school.

Margaret Boulger
Deputy Principal, Pinjarra Primary School

Nutritionist Visit a Huge Success

One of the major aims of the Healthy Breakfast Club’s operations is to educate parents to understand the importance of providing their children with a nutritious breakfast, thus giving them a healthy start to their school day.

As part of this process, during November last year we invited Mandurah based nutritionist Rachael McKeown to talk to a number of parents who attended a morning assembly at Dudley Park Primary School.
The fifteen parents who attended were so enthusiastic and keen to learn more that the educative session ran well over time as Rachael answered numerous questions asked by the parents.

It is through these educative sessions that we hope we will reduce the number of children who rely on our Healthy Breakfast Club for the first meal of the day and we will be conducting these talks in other schools throughout the area.

Another First For The Healthy Breakfast Club

healthy_breakfast_club-150x150We were really pleased during the last school term  to introduce the Healthy Breakfast club into our first High School.

Coodanup Community College recognized that a number of their students were attending school without having had breakfast and the asked us if we could introduce the Healthy Breakfast Club to their school.

Whilst doing so put a strain on our financial resources we were happy to grasp the opportunity to commence operations at a High School for the first time, all our other schools being Primary Schools.

With the strong support of Vance Bryan (Student Services Manager) and David Woods (School Chaplain) we now provide breakfast two days per week to an average number of 30 students per day.

We are especially grateful to the staff of the Coodanup Community College who roster themselves on tp provide the breakfast, and through this process they are able to interact with their students at a different level and improve their rapport with them.