Emergency Relief

Where people can be assisted once per year with a small payment to help in a crisis situation. This program is designed to assist people who are facing a crisis situation where people receive an appointment with one of our professional staff member’s to identify their immediate crisis and any other issues that are effecting their ability to pay utility bills, rent/medication or medical bills.

The assessor will together with client to establish what referrals or advocacy is necessary to resolve their situation. In some cases this will involve working together with several different agencies within the region or the metropolitan area this may require linking client to health providers, job search network providers/financial councillors or any centre link issues.

This program is designed and delivered to give client a hand-up out of their current circumstances as crisis situations can affect all of us at one time or another as we saw with the Global Financial Crisis or a down turn in the mining sector.

  • Emergency Relief
  • Homelessness
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Food Aid
  • Tenancy Advice
  • Advocacy
  • Referal
  • Christmas Hampers
Case Study: Mature Aged Married Couple

A Very Mature Aged Married Couple

Couple presented due to a medical condition and had to cease working for a period of time, still waiting a firm diagnosis of his medical condition, very unwell and also that of his wife, unsure when able to return to work. There has been a long waiting period for Centrelink processing of new claim which impacted on tenancy, and at risk of termination. The husband had worked all his life, devastated to having to seek support through an agency such as ours, felt helpless and looked deflated.

Cute 80 plus year old married couple With advocacy support from our agency and funds from brokerage, in partnership with St Vincent De Paul and Finucare Financial counselling services, rent arrears were cleared.
This couple were given food support during the period they waited for Centrelink processing of claim and regular contacts from the housing support. To sustain the tenancy HSO advocated with Centrelink social worker, advised of clients circumstances, also that they had never had to deal with Centrelink, and the new claim was processed in a timely manner and benefits were backdated and payments commenced.

Client could not express his gratitude enough, stating that he and his wife were overwhelmed with the financial support from our agency and the other two partnered agencies, the care received from our agency in phone calls and understanding their situation. Tenancy is back on track and health condition is no longer stressed by financial stress.

Helping the Peel Region for more than 20 years!

WestAus Crisis & Welfare Services has been in operation since 1992 and since 1994 has operated in the Peel region. We offer a variety of services to the community such as: Crisis Support, Emergency Accommodation, Food Aid, Advocacy & Referral, Tenancy Advice & we also run the Healthy Breakfast Club..contact us for more information.