2.35 Million Australians Have Been Homeless In Their Lifetime

Are You One of Them?



Are you Homeless? Do any of the following apply to you?
  • Are you staying in crisis accommodation
  • Staying with friends
  • In a caravan or tent long term
  • Sleeping in your car
  • Sleeping in a shed
  • Sleeping rough in bush or elsewhere
  • Experiencing domestic and family violence
  • Have a substance abuse condition

If any of those apply to you then you should contact the Peel Homelessness Support Worker at WestAus Crisis & Welfare Services who may be able to assist you.

*Our homeless program is funded by the Department of Child protection under the National Partnership Agreement. NPAH Is a state and federally funded program which seeks to provide long term housing options for homeless individuals and families. Public housing services have agreed to allocate a percentage of their vacancies to clients referred by the Homelessness Workers working under the NPAH agreement.

If your situation meets with our criteria our worker will:
  • Work with you to identify any barriers or difficulties you are having that are preventing you from being housed.
  • Connect you to all relevant services and resources necessary to overcome any barriers.
  • Where necessary transport you to various pre-arranged appointments relating to your homeless situation.
  • Provide you with ongoing support for a period of up to 12 months.
  • If necessary give options and connect you with job providers or training facilities that will improve your ability to remain in suitable long term accommodation.

Westaus Crisis and Welfare Services has a dedicated NPAH homelessness worker who operates in the Peel Region.

The aim of the program is to assist families and individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

Clients are generally referred by Crisis accommodation services but others who may be assisted are staying with friends, couch surfing, sleeping in cars/shed/rough. Clients may be referred to an appropriate Crisis accommodation, assessed and offered Westaus crisis/transitional accommodation (if vacancies permit) or assisted with information in seeking private rental options.

The homelessness worker can assist with information about procedures regarding the Housing Authority eg bond, waitlist, priority assistance. Also advice regarding private rental. The homelessness worker can advocate if appropriate and works in conjunction with clients to identify any barriers, issues or difficulties that are preventing them from finding suitable accommodation.

Connect, advocate and liase with relevant services such as:

Pat Thomas House, Calvary youth service, Housing Authority, Community Housing Services, Peel Mental Health, Palmerston, CPFS, Centrelink, counselling or parenting services, financial counsellors and welfare services which may assist clients to overcome difficulties and improve their situation.

The Homelessness Worker can provide on-going support once long term housing has been obtained in either the public or private sector.

Clients must attend an assessment appointment and be willing to take part in developing support plans, follow through with tasks, accepting of home visits. Willing to provide feedback 12 month after securing long term housing.


Case Study: A Single Parent With 3 Children

Client B, a single parent with 3 children was referred by residential mental health service.

The client was due to be discharged after a short stay, the children were being cared for by a family member. The client had no housing options. Prior to being in hospital the family been homeless for several months, couch surfing, street present and many short term housing stays. The children had changed schools many times in the recent past.

The client’s details were taken and he was placed on the waitlist for crisis housing. In the interim the hospital referred the client to singles crisis accommodation.

sad children hugging his motherIn due course the homelessness worker (HSW) contacted the client and at an appointment the client and worker discussed- housing history, barriers/issues impacting on the ability to source housing, and willingness to be supported by the program. It was clear that the family had many issues which were impacting on their ability to source long term housing.

The client, HSW, crisis housing and a community housing provider developed a plan to have the client move into a vacant transitional family accommodation where the family could be could be reunited and have intensive support from the Westaus HSW.

The family moved into the transitional accommodation and were supported with setting up of the rental. The client and HSW developed an action plan to prioritize and set goals for the family, financial advice and general orientation of the agencies and services in the locale were also provided as well as some transporting to various appointments. The children were enrolled at school and Client B commenced treatment for several health issues and concerns. The client also linked in with a local job network provider.

HSW continued to visit weekly to ensure that the client was following through with plans and following up with the relevant services.

HSW continued to advocate for the client where/when required.

Applications for long term housing were made to the relevant services under the National Partnership agreement.

After 4 months in the transitional accommodation the client was allocated long-term rental by the Housing Authority. The client was and continues to be supported by HSW with any issues which have arisen.

Currently the client is still settling in to the rental, the realization that the family has a permanent home now is quite daunting. The client has admitted that although there is a feeling of relief that the children have security there is still some work to be done, adapting to the idea that, the family can settle and put down roots rather than plan for the next move. HSW will continue to support the clients for up to 12 months or more if required.


Helping the Peel Region for more than 20 years!

WestAus Crisis & Welfare Services has been in operation since 1992 and since 1994 has operated in the Peel region. We offer a variety of services to the community such as: Crisis Support, Emergency Accommodation, Food Aid, Advocacy & Referral, Tenancy Advice & we also run the Healthy Breakfast Club..