Tenancy Advice, Advocacy & Referral

The program is for people in the Peel region experiencing tenancy issues such as:-
  • Behind with your rent?
  • Facing eviction?
  • Having trouble meeting real estate agency/landlords property standards?
  • Facing breaches regularly from the real estate agent/landlord?
  • Having difficulty speaking to the property manager?
  • Having problems with neighbours?

To book an appointment for support call 08 9582 9920. Referrals are also received from other support services, Real Estate Agents and Landlords.

When attend your appointment clients are required to bring along:-
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Identification showing a Peel address
  • Breach/termination notices

This is a confidential service from friendly qualified staff, who will ensure clients are treated with respect at all times.

The appointment will be with a Housing Support Worker. They will have a chat about:-
  • tenancy issues/how to get the tenancy back on track
  • Increase clients knowledge & skills in areas that will assist in maintaining the tenancy in the long term
  • Develop a budget plan for the household
  • Assist clients to develop links to other community resources and services that can help
  • Discuss payment plans to overcome rental arrears
  • Advocate with the Property Manager/Landlords on behalf of the clients
  • Assist with mediation and conflict resolution in relation to the accommodation
  • Offer skills based workshops
  • Food support can also be offered

Please telephone 9582 9920 to book an appointment to discuss an individual tenancy support plan.

According to the client’s individual needs, referrals are organised for support with various areas, i.e. counselling, parenting, budgeting/financial counselling, food, relationship counselling, utility bills (Synergy/Alinta), drug & alcohol services, youth services, disability services, etc.

Once support has been provided and the tenancy is back on track, the Housing Support Officer will continue to make follow up calls to confirm if any further assistance is required.

Following support from WestAus Housing Support Officers, 90% of tenancies which were previously at risk are secured. Of the 10% of tenancies which were not saved, 5% were due to the client’s non-compliance and 5% were to the client seeking assistance after the tenancy court hearing.

Case Study: Client suffering from mental health issues which left her unable to cope

Her partner is extremely unwell with cancer. He has regular stays at the hospital and is paying a large sum of money each month for medication. Due to the cost of her partner’s medication, the client is unable to buy her own medications. They fell behind with rent and this was adding more pressure to their already stressful situation.

Portrait of a worried old woman with a sad expression isolated on blackWestAus provided emergency relief funds to purchase medication and fuel to get to and from the hospital. Food assistance was also provided. Advocacy was undertaken to advise the Property Manager of their current circumstances and requesting time to seek financial support for the couple. The Property Manager agreed with the request.

Referral completed for Finucare requesting rent assistance.

Email received from Finucare stating that they will contribute a large amount towards the arrears.

Cheque provided from WestAus for the remaining arrears.

The client is now in contact with the Cancer Council for financial support with medication and they are aware that Vinnies can assist with medication on the PBS. List of food providers given.

On the most recent follow up, my client advised that the rent is all up to date. As she has her medication regularly, she felt able to secure a part time cleaning job. This has enabled them to stay on track with their rent and bills.

The client stated that now the money worries are behind her, she feels able to focus on her partner’s treatment.


Helping the Peel Region for more than 20 years!

WestAus Crisis & Welfare Services has been in operation since 1992 and since 1994 has operated in the Peel region. We offer a variety of services to the community such as: Crisis Support, Emergency Accommodation, Food Aid, Advocacy & Referral, Tenancy Advice & we also run the Healthy Breakfast Club..